• Creation of the desired product
  • Business processes, office administration and document automation
  • Automation of accounting and management
  • Development of web, mobile and desktop applications
  • Data collection, analysis and parsing
  • Emulation of human activity on the internet
  • Development of portals and websites
  • Systems migration and integration
  • Community / Forums
  • Social Networks


  • Creating landing pages that sell
  • Creating and increasing lead flow
  • Increasing conversion
  • Market research and Marketing analysis
  • Working with customer needs
  • Automation and scaling sales


  • Help you to find a solution or invent your way out of a problem
  • Help you determine whether you need to develop your own or pick up a ready-made solution
  • Consultations with executives, project managers and developers
  • Outsourcing and offshore development
  • All our experience at your service
Team for a Start-up Project

Team for a Start-up Project

  • We work as a natural extension of your team
  • Quickly and accurately create test projects to check ideas
  • We can help you quickly reach monetization
  • Understand lean-startups and the importance of customer focus and rapid experimentation
  • We can help you save money by not wasting budget with no results