The story of Metarex started when there were no smartphones, tablets or personal computers as we know them today.

In 1992, created ERSYS Ltd, a company that became one of the pioneers in the development of specialized software in Russia. This was after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Gorbachov’s Perestroika and the creation of a free trade market.

The company then embarked on a path of growth, development and accumulation of wealth and knowledge to build applications, grow its customer portfolio and create its own line of products.

During the work on solutions and to improve the performance of the development process, the team developed unique technologies and approaches that provided significant competitive advantage.

One of these technologies is “Data Adsorbing” which allows convenient and fast work with big data. At the moment, the company is working on the scientific research and publications on the topic.

The company expanded its portfolio by creating new solutions and acquiring new customers, including Ipatovsk brewery, Trailer Kamaz; the largest assembly production of truck trailers of the Stavropol region, Stavropolnefteproduct; a company engaged in retail and wholesale trading of automotive fuel, Alevrit; a brick manufacturer, Derways; an automobile factory, dozens of grain elevators, housing and communal services organizations, district and regional state organizations in the sphere of infrastructure and agro-industries, and many others.

In order to improve focus and management, in 2008, the company restructured into a group of companies and the main department- the development of custom software solutions-became Metarex.

In 2008, the development team, Karma: Personnel management from Electronic Money Company whose software was used by large Russian companies such as Alfa-Bank, merged with Metarex.

Since then, some of the company’s major clients have been Alfa Bank, Gazprombank, the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and Currency Exchange International (one of the leading companies in the field of currency exchange in North America).

Now the company continues to evolve and explore new horizons thanks to a new generation of managers and the strategic oversight of the company founder.